Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009!

Photo by ViaMoi2008 has been a very very crazy year. Those of you who know me well would know that I've been through a lot of major ups and downs. Here's 20 things that I've learned from this year that I'd like to share:

  1. Rules can be bent as long as targets are met.
  2. Try harder when someone says, "it's impossible."
  3. You can be creative given the right conditions.
  4. Being an abstract thinker doesn't mean you can't communicate.
  5. If the boss is happy, everyone else is happy, and you'll be happy, too.
  6. Sometimes you need to slow down. No point in talking to your colleagues if they don't get what you're saying.
  7. Diagrams and flowcharts work when folks don't understand your English.
  8. If snack sizes don't work, try bite sizes. Adjust to your audience.
  9. If you repeat the same thing you said a couple of months ago in a meeting, the issue is not worth vexing over.
  10. Breathe. The world won't stop turning if an issue is not solved that day.
  11. There's a warm and fuzzy feeling that happens in your stomach when you know that the copy you wrote is viewed by millions.
  12. Being a change agent means you have to swim upstream at times.
  13. You can still be angry or upset and not lose your sense of humor.
  14. Lawyers can be blood suckers and cops deserve the nick name, "pigs" -- at least in Kolkata. I still love NYPD.
  15. When you're in dire straits and call out for help, those who matter will come to your rescue.
  16. Friendships are priceless, the true test comes when you need a ton of money really fast at a couple hours of notice.
  17. Believe in the power of your network, you can never replace that human connection.
  18. Your parents are not perfect, no matter how much you like them to be.
  19. Having a padawan is really cool. Making that person think out of the box and grow as a writer is even more awesome.
  20. I'm a card carrying SMORE (social media whore.)
I don't believe in New Year resolutions but here are the 7 things I'm hoping to achieve in 2009:

1. Transition into travel writing and magazines.
2. Make slightly bigger ripples.
3. Be more attuned spiritually.
4. Travel to more destinations in and around Myanmar, India, maybe head to Nepal and Bhutan.
5. Connect with techies in Kolkata, rock the scene.
6. Connect with more expats in Kolkata, rock that scene too. ^_^
7. Get my solar panel project off the ground. (Please email me [yuyudin at gmail dot com] individually if you're interested.)

Photo by ViaMoi


Joshua said...

I like #16 best but in all seriousness, #15 matters more. :)

My one resolution: Balance.