Friday, August 7, 2009

12 Ways to Combat Twitter Withdrawal

Twitter Fail Whale CookieTwitter is down, slow, or not working and you're starting to get the jitters, twitches, or go New York on everyone you see...

Take a DEEP breath. Inhale all the way and exhale slowly through your mouth.

Calm down, it's not the end of the world. Here's what you can do to combat your Twitter withdrawal. Feel free to use one, all or just some of these tips, in any order that suits you.

1. Pick up a phone and talk to a friend. Maybe someone you haven't spoken to in ages.

2. Walk the dog or pet the cat. (You can talk to them too but they'd probably be thinking, "Oh no, there she goes again about Twitter.") If the dog sighs, I suggest you change the topic. The cat might just run away or wag his tail slowly, in anticipation of the end of the conversation.

3. Open a window or door and look at the sky.

4. Play on your PSP, Wii, or an iPod game.

5. Get to your record or CD collection and play something old. Remember that song you always listened to in high school? They didn't have Twitter then. (@epandu: not for you, since you tweet FROM school. Go do your homework or pay attention to the teacher.)

6. Cook yourself or your love something, even if it's just eggs and beacon. He'd still appreciate it. Or bake a cookie, she'd really love that.

7. Talk to your roommates (Even if they don't live on Twitter, they're people, too.)

8. Watch TV. It's ok, you don't have to tweet about it. Don't cheat and look for news about Twitter either.

9. Go out to a movie. You don't need to tweet about that either.

10. Buy yourself a little present like a box of chocolates or a new pair of pants. You'd be helping the economy anyway.

11. Read a book, newspaper, or a magazine -- anything on paper -- even the ingredient listings on cereal boxes would do.

12. Write something, a haiku, free write, describe your cubicle, room, computer etc. Remember that screenplay, treatment, article, or letter you always wanted to write but didn't have the time? Explore writing that is not bound by 140 characters.

Bonus: Write a blog post about how you combat Twitter withdrawals and share it with the world by linking to this post. ^_^!

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