Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Market Yourself for Geeks and Laymen

I was invited to speak at Mukti '09 -- A National Level Technical Symposium on on GNU/Linux and Free Software, organized by Linux Users' Group NIT Durgapur. It was a great conference and I really wished I could stay longer but I had to go back home to Kolkata. I loved being out in a smaller city which is Durgapur. The National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur campus was great. It was a quieter town than Kolkata, less people, less traffic, and less pollution. I felt like I was on a weekend getaway out in Woodstock from New York City.

The crowd consisted of undergrad students so I spoke mostly about how to market yourself online and offline. There was a great discussion on whether one should have a blog, and if writing too many personal things is a bad thing, and what do you do when someone uploads a picture of you that is not appropriate online. We spoke about Google's Orkut -- the largest social network in India, Facebook and how to use LinkedIn to get your profile out there.
One thing I didn't cover that @indradg managed to pick up was on marketing yourself as a coder or programmer. As an employer he Googles people and checks forums, IRC, and change logs for coding. They're all available online and they can be traced back to you as a programmer. Of course, the more active you are the better. There was a lot of things going on campus so there were those who wanted to attend but missed out so I'm uploading my presentation here.


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