Thursday, February 26, 2009

BarCamp Delhi 6 Here I Come!

I'm off to Delhi for BarCamp Delhi 6. Very excited to meet new people and for traveling. Haven't done that since, let's see... December! That's a long time. I hope I get to compare marketing notes with @jayantabanerjee. He's one of the unsung heroes of online marketing in India. He's not that "known" because he's always putting the company or project before himself. I can't fit everything about him on this post but I'll tell you more about him later, promise.

If you can't come to, BarCamp Delhi, you can still write a blog post about it. In fact, you can win pretty nifty prizes from Media Redefined. Click here for contest details.

I'm sticking to my sorta resolution of traveling more often in 2009. I think I'm doing good so far, I plan to hop over to Dhaka, Bangladesh in late April and get to Myanmar. Yes, I'm very very very happy. ^_^!


Aliya said...

Like your post.U seems to be very excited about the Barcamp.Hey, why don't u join us at BarCamp Kashmir.Dates are 14-3-2009 and 15-3-2009.Join Us can get more info about us in Barcamp Dehli even,many of us are joining BCD6 there.

Aliya said...

Catch me at And be our Barcamp Member at Thanks a lot :)

Yu Yu said...

Kashmir eh? One of the places I want to visit. Pretty soon I'm going to be a BarCamp hopper. When are the dates?