Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's the name for the new twitter graphic?

Twitter Owl
Suffice to say that I'm a tweet addict. I'm an official member of Twitters Anonymous and they have a word for it: ADTD (Attention Deficit Twitter Disorder). I spend most of my time on Twitter -- it's usually for research, networking, and monitor trends. Today when I wanted to reply to someone's post, instead of the Twitter Fail Whale, I got this:

Twitter delay graphicNow, what are we going to call these two? The "Twitter Ice-Cream and Twitter Caterpillar"? The editor inside me snickers:"P shouldn't be capitalized." The cool thing is Twitter Fox tells me that it's going to be back up in an hour. I guess I can control my jitters better that way.
Incidentally, (if you don't know) there's a Fail Whale Fan Club. There's a great article on LA Times on the Origins of Twitter, all of a sudden it's weaving into the social fabric and pop-culture of our lives. I'm really looking forward to how it's going to develop over the rest of 2009.


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